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Half-Day VIP Business & Financial Coaching Session

Ultimately, this Half-Day VIP Day is designed to help you make small shifts now  that will pave the way to get the RESULTS you need and want.

5 Modules

Prep Work :: Financial Wheel (Framework)

- I created the Financial Wheel exercise to help you make better, smarter choices with your money. And to help you center the health of your personal finances when making decisions about your business model, sales process, and pricing strategy.

Because after all, you don’t really manage money…you manage choices!

So grab your favorite pen, a piece of paper and maybe even your favorite beverage, and let's get started!

Prep-Work :: Questionnaire

Hi, ,

The purpose of the questionnaire is to help you gather your thoughts before our work, and to help me understand you and your business. 

Please note: For some people, completing the questionnaire sparks complicated emotions and questions. I'm sharing this in case that, too, is your experience. It's normal and you're not alone


Hi, ,

After completing the pre-session questionnaire, please read and sign our Coaching Client Guide and upload it to your Dropbox folder.

Many thanks,


Day-of Materials & Tools

Hi, ,

To complete our four analyses: spending, investing, earnings, and offers & pricing strategy, we will use a variety of exercises, worksheets and tools. The items contained within this module represent exercises we will do TOGETHER.

Feel free to peruse the "Lessons," but you don't need to do anything in this module in advance of our time together.

Again, if you have any questions navigating MemberVault and/or opening any of the files, please do not hesitate to let us know. Melissa Gaines, from my team, will be happy to assist you. Her email is <>.

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